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Alright, this thread is for people to list what they have on their 'Cockers, and to help any new owners into seeing what other people are using on their 'Cockers. This has been approved by Uziel. Hopefully it goes well with Spydey.

Couple of guidelines to keep this on track.

No pictures, this is not the picture thread! It is acceptable to place a link to the page in the picture thread on which a picture of your marker can be found. Any image placed directly in your post, or any other link posted, will lead to your post being removed or edited.

This is intended to give users ideas on how they could set up their own markers, and what performance they might expect from particular combinations of parts. This is not a question and answer thread. If you have questions about specific parts or markers, either post them on the forum, or PM/AIM/e-mail the owner directly.

Abusing this or turning it into something it isn't meant to be will lead to it being closed, and I don't want to have to do that. No pointless "Nice marker" posts.....

Stay on topic, and hopefully this will stay interesting and informative. -Uziel Gal

Copy this into your replay box (in between the lines) and fill it in with the parts on your 'Cocker.
Body and Color:
Front and back block:
Ram (qevs if any):
Pump arm:
Bolt and pin:
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex:
Ball Detent:
Cocking Rod:
Air Tank:
Amount of paint through the gun:
Date Received:

Here's a example of mine:

Body and Color: Freeflow Rhythm, Black to Blue fade Gloss.
Front and back block: Freeflow.
Frame: Planet Eclipse E2.
LPR: Planet Eclipse Dart.
Ram (qevs if any): Planet Eclipse Nexus with QEVS.
Pump arm: CCM Straight.
Bolt and pin: Freeflow Nylatron.
Valve: Planet Eclipse Supercharger.
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Planet Eclipse Hammer/Maddman Springs/Freeflow IVG.
Ball Detent: Planet Eclipse Fang.
Cocking Rod: KAPP Twisted.
Beavertail: Freeflow.
Feedneck: WGP "The Grip".
Regulator: Custom Products Inline.
Barrel: Empire 8-piece.
Hopper: Halo B.
Air Tank: Crossfire HP 68/4500.
Consistency: +/- 7.
Efficiency: 2,000+ shots.
Amount of paint through the gun: I lost count.
Date Received: October '03.
Problems?: None at all.
Comments: I love it.

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