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Thumbs up The autococker picture thread, '08 edition! *NO CHATTING*

well folks, the other picture thread is old and UT accidentally killed most of the pics on the first few pages. Uziel and i decided it would be a good idea to start a new one. couple rules, though...

NO CHATTING! all posts lacking a picture will be deleted.
KEEP 'EM SMALL! anything larger than 900 X 600 pixels will be deleted.
COCKERS ONLY! duh. this is the cocker forum.

ok, post away!

first up, my cocker:

jackal rdl body
evil pipe kit
kapp ball detent
hybrid headlock feedneck
compulsive edge bolt
old style push pin
s/s IVG
maddman springs
macdev red valve
dye cocking rod
s/s pump arm
smc ram
macdev lpr
wgp 15* mini front block
AKA sidewinder reg
e-blade with flashed zero-b board
contract killer grips

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