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Join Date: May 2002
Body and Color: Jackal RDL
Front and back block: wgp 15* mini, jackal p block
Frame: e-blade with zero-b and hybrid contract killer grips
LPR: mac dev sonic
Ram (qevs if any): smc, used to have a qev, new qev on order
Pump arm: steel mini
Bolt and pin: compulsive edge with push pin
Valve: mac dev red valve
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: jackal hi-speed/maddman/kapp stainless
Ball Detent: kapp delrin
Regulator: aka sidewinder
Barrel: evil pipe, boomstick
Hopper: halo b held on by hybrid headlock feedneck
Air Tank: PE 68/3k
Consistency: n/a
Efficiency: n/a
Amount of paint through the gun: n/a
Date Received: september of '03?
Problems?: picky eye leads to double feeding
Comments: built this from scratch, stopped using it after it kept double feeding without firing. bought a new board which seemed to help, but the problem came back at the end of the day.
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