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GUN SETUP = Mini Orracle #6208 (polish back) = Eclpise E-blade 2 (black version 1.10) = Nexus kit (black)=CCM back block (custom milled to mimic stock back block) = 14in kaner .689 back = Halo B with z-board, shocktech cone and rip drive = WGP uni-mount = Worrgas 70ci/4500psi phat tank preset.

YES i know the gun is dusty....i play with deal...heres it is

GUN SETUP = WGP Karnivore (black) with zero-b and MQ2, FBM delrin wave trigger, CP regulator with gauge ports, CP on off, Dye rotor, Crossfire 68ci,4500 psi.
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