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I love Planet Eclipse.
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Body and Color: 2k3, red
Front and back block: Stock
Frame: Planet Eclipse E2
LPR: Planet Eclipse DART
Ram (qevs if any): Planet Eclipse
Pump arm: KAPP Aluminum
Bolt and pin: WGP all delrin w/ o-rings, delrin pull pin
Valve: Planet Eclipse
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Planet Eclipse Rex
Ball Detent: KAPP delrin
Cocking Rod: KAPP Twisted
Beavertail: KAPP F/X
Feedneck: Stock
Regulator: Custom Products
Barrel: Custom Products 2 piece
Hopper: Empire Reloader B
Air Tank: Crossfire HP 45/45
Consistency: +/- 5-8
Efficiency: 1000+, not really sure.
Amount of paint through the gun: Alot
Date Received: 2003, but most parts put on within 4 months
Problems?: As of now, No.
Comments: She rips. Everyone loves to use it.
JCM Halfblock... Mini'd and Midgetted

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