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Body and Color: Mini Orracle, Black-Blue Fade
Front and back block: Stock Orracle ones
Frame: FreeFlow/Eclipse Bomb Swing Frame
LPR: Planet Eclipse Dart
Ram (qevs if any): Planet Eclipse Nexus Ram, 2 Eclipse Qevs
Pump arm: Stainless Dye Mini
Bolt and pin: Slik Edge 3 bolt, Black Magic Pin
Valve: Palmers LT
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Orracle Internals
Ball Detent: Stock Wgp
Cocking Rod: Black magic
Beavertail: None
Feedneck: WGP Grip
Regulator: CP shorty
Barrel:1 2'' Freak
Hopper: Eggy 2 Modded and z Board
Air Tank: 45/45 MacDev LegionAir
Consistency: n/a
Efficiency: 1000
Amount of paint through the gun: me about 1, but like 2 from previous owner
Date Received: March 17 '05
Problems?: ahh Broken 3 way shaft, right now its in pieces cuzz i got a bunch of new parts!
Comments: When i actually get it going for more than one day its gunna be one of the nicest mechs around!

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