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ICD Bushmaster Bonebrake b2k4!

I have to sell this bad boy beacuse I'm goin to college and need cash fast. Here it is:

Green B2k4 withPDS $400
Bonebrake z4 bolt $40
Bonebrake wiring harness $55
Chaos Board $80
Bonebrake Ram Job $60
Bonebrake clamping feedneck $25
Trigger job and tuned up by Bonebrake
WGP Ergo HPR $55
Palmer hoseless micro rock LPR $90
32* Flame Drop $25
stock barrel (or add 5 piece J$J edge barrrel kit for 60 more)
(add a crossfire 91 ci 4500 psi for 140)

My last chrono was 298 299 299 299 299 296!!!!
The gun itself totals up to $830 if you were to buy this brand new.
Its in great condition and shoots ropes all day. I have babied it and am very mad to see it go.
I'm looking for 500 OBO. Lets make a deal. Just throw some offers out.
post, pm, or email to
I can get pics if you need them.


NO trades No TRADES no Trades
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