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Join Date: May 2003
Location: California
Body and Color: CCM Series 5 autococker
Front and back block: CCM
Frame: Black E2
LPR: Palmer's Micro-rock
Ram (qevs if any): Palmer's Quick ram with QEV's
Pump arm: stock
Bolt and pin: Orracle Bolt
Valve: Palmer's LT Valve
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Jackal hammer,maddman springs, stock IVG
Ball Detent:stock
Regulator: Palmer's Stabalizer
Barrel: Site Stiffi Switch Kit
Hopper: Halo B
Air Tank: 68ci/4500psi Java HPA
Consistency: +-5
Efficiency: 10 pods= 1400 rounds
Amount of paint through the gun: Over 20
Date Received: 2 years ago
Problems?: Almost all autocockers had problems throughout time, but it's flawless right now.
Comments: Rips just as fast as my uncle's WAS'd Viking
CCM Black Series 5 E2'd autococker
AGD ULE'd Automag
MacDev Cyborg w/ Tadao
Smoke Halo B w/ Zenitram Delrin Drive cone
68/4500 Java Fiberwrapped tank

Originally posted by Uziel Gal
Sadly, Frontsniper is spot on

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