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Wrath Faq

Diablo Wrath General Maintenance

Lubricants: Do not use lightweight liquid paintball marker oil in the Wrath. Paintball oil is best used in blowback markers to lubricate the hammer, which is a large steel cylinder sliding rapidly within the aluminum marker body. O-ring greases are best suited for the Wrath’s many small o-rings throughout the gun. Dow 33 grease, also known in paintball as Shocker grease, works well. Also, Battle Lube grease is very good, has a lower viscosity than Dow 33 (which means it’s more slippery), and lasts longer between applications.

HPR: Apply a liberal coating of grease to the HPR large aluminum piston. It is accessed by removing the bottom half of the regulator from the top half, then grabbing the end (inside the bottom half) with small pliers and pulling out. Be sure to insert the aluminum piston back into the regulator bottom the correct way, with the cupped tip of the piston facing up toward the top half of the regulator.

LPR: Apply a liberal coating of grease to the o-rings on the LPR’s large brass piston, as well as to the small o-ring on the long skinny brass piston. Each piston is accessed from opposite ends of the LPR. It is necessary to remove the LPR valve retaining nut from the threaded end of the LPR body to access the long skinny brass piston. This retaining nut has a small amount of Loctite applied to keep it in place. The LPR body should be removed from the gun, and the low-pressure hose fitting should be unscrewed from its side before placing the LPR body into a vice. Wrapping a thin towel or old t-shirt around the LPR body before putting it into the vice and clamping securely should prevent any scratching or marring to the LPR’s exterior surface. When reinserting the retaining nut, it is not necessary to apply Loctite. Make sure the retaining nut’s ground face is inward making contact with the spring, and that the retaining nut is as close to flush with the end of the LPR body as possible. Hand tightening the retaining nut is sufficient.

LPR Adapter: It is not necessary to remove the LPR adapter, held in by one M5x12 screw in the body in front of the vertical ASA, to perform regular maintenance. The only time it is necessary to remove this adapter is to access the cup seal and main valve. Be sure when reinserting the LPR adapter that you apply a small amount of grease to its two o-rings, and do not cut the o-rings when they are passing the mounting screw hole.

Solenoid/Low-Pressure Valve Assembly: Disassemble the Low-Pressure Valve Assembly from the Solenoid and grease all four o-rings inside. The two inner o-rings on the brass carrier make contact with the plunger piston which controls air flow, and should receive a liberal application of grease. The outer o-rings on the brass carrier are stationary and only need a small amount of grease to ease reassembly. When reinserting the carrier into the valve body, position one of the side air exit holes inline with the hose fitting in the valve body. When reinserting the plunger piston into the carrier, be sure the piston goes in with the grooved end in first. When reinserting the Solenoid/Low-Pressure Valve Assembly back into the trigger frame, make sure the Solenoid/Low-Pressure Valve Assembly is pushed as far forward toward the trigger switch as possible when tightening down the two set screws. If the Solenoid/Low-Pressure Valve Assembly comes loose or the solenoid plunger is in contact with the trigger frame, it may not permit the Low-Pressure Valve’s plunger piston to close and create a proper seal. This may cause a small leaking sound, or may even cause the bolt to rapidly cycle when the marker is first aired up.

Ram: Apply a liberal coating of grease to the o-ring on the small end of the ram.

Bolt: Keep the bolt clean and dry at all times. It is unnecessary to grease the bolt. Grease on the bolt will collect dust particles from the air and cause scratching of the inner surface of the body.


Custom Anodizing: They ano an entire marker for $60 or a per-peice price of $7.50 and do GREAT work. They also do color matching, so send in a paint chip or color sample and get great results.

Wrath Aftermarket Parts:
Alamo City Paintball:
Bolts, Cup Seals, Bolt Pins, more soon

FBM Delrin Wrath Triggers:

Trigger Mod:

Trigger Switch Mods:

Trigger Guard Mod:

Aftermarket LPR Adapter:
The Wrath and O3 share many parts, and the LPR adapter is one of them, so if you have the mind to put on an aftermarket LPR, pick up the Zenitram O3 LPR adapter for $15 and an Autococker compatable LPR. (Odyssey Upgrades>O3 LPR adapter)

Delrin Bolts: (Sells BLACK delrin bolts)

PROS: Self-lubrication. Roughly 27 grams.

Nylatron Bolts:

PROS: Self-lubrication. Roughly 25 grams.

TFE Teflon Bolts:

PROS: Self-lubrication. Roughly 50 grams.

Wrath T-board:

Custom Triggers:
Do a search for pbnation users: Comcast and THE BETTERONE

Air Ram Mod:

Autococker Vertical ASAs:
(Scroll down- Straight and 15* ASAs with or without gauge ports)
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