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Exclamation what is and isn't news

there have been some problems with people posting threads that have nothing to do with news. before you post, go through the list below. do not post if any of these apply to your thread:

- it's old. check your dates and see if this old news. for example, anything older than 2 weeks should not be posted.

- it's a business or web site's opening. DO NOT post an advertisement for a new web site or you may be banned. do not post an ad for a store or field opening in your area. it's not paintball news, it's local news. post in the regional forum for your part of the country. the mods of the regional forums are understanding about this kind of advertising.

- it's a question. i never understood how "which is better, gun a or gun x" could possibly be considered news. that's just one example. this is a forum for announcements, not getting answers. use the GPBT forum for asking questions.

- it's a speculation or brainstorming. it needs to be a fact. the only exception is if there are rumors from a reliable source about a business move or product a company is making, but they need to be backed by some kind of article or link to another web site.

- it's a classified ad. the sale of your gear is not news. get over yourself.

any threads that violate these will be closed or deleted without notice, and may result in a warning and eventual banishment. pm me with questions or comments.
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