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Body and Color: 04 nightkast blue
Front and back block: Stock
Frame: E2
LPR: Tickler
Ram (qevs if any): ANS w/ palmer QEV's
Pump arm: Stock
Bolt and pin: Shocktech Superfly and delrin pin
Valve: supercharger
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Stock
Ball Detent: Stock
Cocking Rod: Stock
Beavertail: none
Feedneck: Stock
Regulator: CP
Barrel: 14" Freak w/ gold aa tip
Hopper: Halo B
Air Tank: 68/4500 inline maxy black
Consistency: +/- 5
Efficiency: not sure (but alot more then my shocker!!)
Amount of paint through the gun: ALOT
Date Received: 1 yr ago
Problems?: as of now.... none
Comments: FAST!!!

Shocker green to yellow Vision
68/45 matching max flo
Black/Smoke Halo B
SP HE bolt

-Nightkast- blue
Shocktech delrin bolt
Max flo inline 68/45
CCM straight pump arm
Ans ram
total freak w/ Stainless freak back and gold 14 inch aa tip
Black/Smoke HALO B
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