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This is for my newly built mech 'Cocker:

Body and Color: Freeflow, Black to Blue gloss.
Front and back block: Freeflow.
Frame: Shocktech Slider.
LPR: Stock 2k3.
Ram (qevs if any): Freeflow SMC.
Pump arm: CCM straight.
Bolt and pin: Freeflow Nylatron.
Valve: Stock 2k3.
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Stock 2k3.
Ball Detent: Eclipse Fang.
Cocking Rod: KAPP Twisted.
Beavertail: None.
Feedneck: WGP, the grip.
Regulator: Bob Long Torpedo.
Barrel: Dye Boomstick.
Hopper: VL Revy.
Air Tank: Crossfire HP 70/4500.
Consistency: N/A (havn't used it yet).
Efficiency: N/A.
Amount of paint through the gun: N/A.
Date Received: 08/06/05
Problems?: None.
Comments: I like it. Pull is very smooth and lighter. I wish the LPR was adjustable, but that will be upgraded soon.
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