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One Case...One Kill
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Body and Color: Freeflow Lotus (dust red)
Front and back block: Freeflow
Frame: Eclipse Ebalde 2 w/ Samari Mark II Trigger
LPR: Planet Eclipse Dart
Ram (qevs if any): Nexus w/ eclipses qev's
Pump arm: CCM straight pump arm
Bolt and pin: Freeflow Nylatron Bolt & Pin
Valve: Eclipse Supercharger
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Eclipse Rex Dailer Kit
Ball Detent: Freeflow Fang
Cocking Rod: KAPP Twisted
Beavertail: Belsales Evoution
Feedneck: Freeflow Twist Feedneck
Regulator: Custom Products Regulator
Barrel: Custom Products 14" Two peice
Hopper:Evolution II
Air Tank: Crossfire 70 ci 4500 psi (stubby) High Pressure
Consistency: +/- 5fps
Efficiency: N/A
Amount of paint through the gun: 20 cases (2000 per case)
Date Received: Febuary 2004
Problems?: Striped screw hole (my fault) & broken cup seal (freeflows fault from reassembling)
Comments: GREAT cocker
Custom Cocker

Chrome Eclipseblade 2 w/ Samari 2 Trigger
2 piece custom products 14" barrel w/ Dust Red Tip
Evolution 2 w/ Z Board
Check it products uni mount on off
72ci 4500psi crossfire tank
Eclipse ram w/ QEV'S
Dust Red Lotus
Eclipse DART Lpr
Rex Dailer
Eclipse supercharger
Custom Products Reg
CCM Alum. Pump Arm
Eclipse 600psi Guage

Originally Posted by dazada
A frozen paintball + 280 fps + contact with a human head = or or
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