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Efficiency vs Consistency, and Setting Your Regs for Both

I've noticed something about my B2K4 and I'm wondering if there are any suggestions whereby I can acheive both efficiency and consistency.

With my current setup, it runs most Consistent at 220psi and adjusting the LPR to get ~275fps. However, it's not very efficient.

When I set the HPR to 250-260psi (for better efficiency) and then try to adjust the LPR to get 275fps, my consistency goes out the window..... it's jumping from 240-280fps.

I've lubed up everything and I've lightly polished the ram housing and ram shaft and hammer.

Any thoughts?

2007 Black Invert Mini, ND Spring kit and Delrin bolt;
B2K4 PDS, Vapor Valve, AKA Sidewinder, 2k6 Chaos, AKA SCM 3;
2k3 BKO, Modified Stock Valve, AKA MiteyMax, Zenitram BKO ASA, Palmer Micro-rock and Stabilizer, 2k4 Chaos, Venting Anti-chop mod
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