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Originally posted by ShootPaint
You arent adjusting the regs properly.

How I adjust my regs

I set my HPR as described above, depending on the valve.
I next adjust my LPR until the marker cycles. Once the

One thing I recommend that I am sure some people will disagree with me on is the lubing of your regs. I dont recommend your regs be lubed after every day of play. I
I hope this helps.

You've been extremely helpful. Thank you!!!!

I'll have to try setting it by your method. I think by trial and error, I've been trying to set the marker by the first 2 methods that you've mentioned. I'll have to try your method.

As for lubing my aftermarket regs, again, by trial and error, I've noticed that after each time I lube my HPR and even stock LPR, there's a "break in period" where the regs aren't as consistent.

Again, thanks for your time and thoughts!

Aside for other readers: I hope you folks can appreciate Shootpaint's (and some others) free tech lessons on this forum.

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