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**RARE** Rock IR3!!! F/S/T

Rock IR3's are some of the rarest angels ever made. I think there were around 250 made, and the black to doo doo fade is the rarest of the 3 colors. Here's your chance to own a peice of history. I'm in no hurry to sell this gun either. It's the love of my life.

Rock IR3
A4 board
Sensi (actually works!!!)
Soft Touch Bolt
16" Warped Sportz barrel (CP copy)
Cobra Fang Trigger
FBM Hooker Feedneck
Dye Volumizer
Mini Lpr Gauge
Rock Easy Ball Detent (works with halo's)

(Sorry for the crappy pics)

Trades: (I can add up to $200 and gear)
Anything EXCEPT Ions and Impulses

Price - $500

Post your offers here first so I can keep track of them.
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**RARE** Rock IR3!!! F/S/T
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