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not fruitball, not potatoball, not fireball, not marbleball, not rockball, not anythingelseyoucanthinkof tostickinthereball....just good ol' PAINTball

looks guys and gals and anyone left over, it must be paintball and paintball only. Here's why: we all know the flamethower thread. So let's say little Johny reads that and grabs little bro's soaker and gasses it up. Grabs Dad's trusty Zippo and proceeds to blow his face off. Mom and Dad learn from Little Johny that he learned that trick from PBR. Think they're going to go after the guy who made the post? Nope, they'll go after the site and Andrew. Now I'm sure that's a hassle that Andrew doesn't wish to deal with and none of want to see little Johny blow his face off. (well except for you sick-o's out there) You guys want to blow stuff up..whatever...I was a teen once too...not smart but your choice. Want to learn how to blow stuff up, again not smart but your choice... but you won't learn it here. You want to learn...join the Service. They have great classes on burning things down and blowing things up. Trust me ...hand grenades and C4 are so much more fun then gas, a super soaker and a lighter.
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Originally posted by GranDreamUse the search, Luke.
Originally posted by Lopez17It's really quite amusing to see the difference between talent and ego
Originally posted by teufelhunden You'd think stickies are there to make the forum pretty...
Originally posted by Killer Kat: Don't feed the Jaster from your hand! He bites!!
Originally posted by cocker kid 2k2 :Shut your trap while the big boys are talking.
Originally posted by Homer:Jaster is the Master.
Originally posted by the Jaster. All I'm going to say to you about him is....don't make him angry.

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