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Vapored Out and Upgraded BKO Parting Out

Alright, I'm getting rid of alot of my guns, and because there isnt a good market for BKOs nowdays, I figured I'd part it out. I can have pictures posted at request.

Vapor Valve and Cupseal
Much higher flowing for better consitancy and effichency and lower pressure.

Vapor Valve Cap:
Holds a larger volume of regulated air for better consitancy. Works best with a high flow valve like the Vapor.

Get both for a great increase in effichency and consistancy:

Techpro Board (Supports PDS)
Has adjustable speeds and two different PDS modes. Much faster than a stock 9300 board
$20 - Pending

Zenitram Frontblock + WGP Tickler LPR
Silver 90* frontblock with a WGP Tickler LPR in it. Lets you use any after market HPR and also is MUCH more conistant than the stock LRP.

Vaporworks Wiring Harness
Much more durable than the stock harness and also has a bright red LED and a 25g trigger switch for a faster rate of fire.

CP Barrel
Black, 14" and .693 bore. Very accurate and can shoot any size of paint well. ICD threads.

Stock BKO Ram:
Works well. Is completly polished and greased for maximum smoothness.

Stock BKO Noid:
Bought it to replace my old busted one, never seen a game. Includeds another busted noid for parts.

Stock Bko Bolt and Bolt Pin
Cut to be flush with the body.

Silver BKO Body and Tray
Good condition, Vaporworks sticker on the side.
Make an offer on all or part.

Black 2k3 grip frame with cut DYE Stickies
Decent condition, has the punch pins removed and replaced with screws.
Make an offer.

Various stock parts:
Ask and make an offer.

I am looking to get rid of all this stuff, and am willing to cut deals when you buy more than one part.

I take Paypal and Money Orders.

PBnation: Can't find the stupid link... I'm tempest993 on it too.

Shoot me an email at as I won't check this thread that often.
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