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You can adjust teh dwell on your board almost exactly like adjusting a reg. You can start out with the dwell at its lowest setting and increase the dwell until you see the FPS stabalize or drop down. Once this occurs simply drop the dwell down to the last setting you had prior to the FPS dropping.

This will get you the most consistantcy out of the marker but it may not make it the most efficent.

As a general rule of thumb a the B2K runs quite well at 10-12ms.

My B2K3 which I refer to quite often was the most consistant marker I ever owned. It was + or - .5FPS day in and out. It was a highly mod'd marker. The mod list was quite extensive and I dont see much reason in getting into all the mods it had.

I can tell you that once I added a Chaos board, CP Grip reg and Custom Made hosed Rock my marker became UBER consistant. Prior to these upgrades I was achieving 3-4FPs with the stock regs.

My dwell setting on the Chaos board was 10ms. I later switched this to 12ms when I started testing the MAC Ram.

There are additional methods of adjusting the regs that I can describe. It is the sweet spotting method. This is the basic method described in my method of adjustment for the regs on my marker. You will notice I talk about adjusting the LPR until the FPS decrease and then backing it out. This is how you sweet spot a reg. If you want you can do the same thing with the HPR and this should give you the best consistantcy for your marker. My version is simply a shortened version of sweet spotting the regs due to the fact of the consistancy I was achieving with the CP reg on my marker.
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