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Ego Maintanence/Diagrams

Ok, I've seen a whole lot of threads asking 'how easy is the ego to maintain' and yadda yadda. So I've decided to make a thread to show you how easy it is. You can find all this information in the manual also.

Gold-Cup Gun Oil (any type of gun oil will do)
Allen Wrench (3/16")
Rag or Wash Cloth (your T-Shirt works well too)

Step One: Disassembly
Remove the bolt, ram cap, and rammer. Remove the bolt by pulling the pin up, and moving the bolt back wards. It simply slides out. Remove the ram cap by inserting the 3/16" allen wrench into the ram cap (theres a whole for the allen wrench) and turning counter clockwise. To remove the rammer slide the bolt back into the breech, slide it all the way forwards push the pin down and pull back. The rammer will pop-out and then just tilt the gun back and the rammer will fall out.

Step Two: Lubing
Take the rag/cloth/your t-shirt and wipe away all the oil, dirt, and paint off the rammer and bolt. Take the Q-Tips and wipe the inside of the rammer assembly clean. Then stick the other side of the Q-Tip down the top of the gun and wipe any dirt and oil that might be in there away. If you want, you can run a squeege through the breech. After you've whiped away the oil/dirt/paint put a generous amount of oil on the rammer (I put a drop on the top, bottom, and both sides of each o-ring) then lighlty rub the oil onto the o-ring and ram with your fingers.

Use the same process for the bolt. Apply a light layer of oil onto the bolt o-rings(I put a drop on the top and bottom of each o-ring). Then lightly rub the oil onto the o-rings with your fingers.

Step Three: Assmbly
Take the rammer and hold it at the end. And slide the end with the notch milled into it in first. The notch goes in first, the thick end with the red ring goes in last. The put the ram cap back on. Push it in (it won't catch the threads unless you push it in first.) then screw it clockwise with the 3/16" allen wrench. Now, slide the bolt in so that only the 'tail' of the bolt is showing. And push the pull pin down.

To check if the bolt is in properly slide the bolt all the forward and push it against the valve stem. If the bolt pops back a little, it's in right. If the bolt slides easily, and doesn't pop back then the pin didnt get in the rammer.

Note: all of the maitanence pictures are down, I have to wait for someone to re-host.
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