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Ok i have a 2k5 ripper 2 timmy that i am tryin to sell or trade for a new gun and want to know what kind of gun or how much money i can get. all my specs r in the thread (link below) i will list other info. in this post any other things i need to list just e-mail or aim me and tell me what else to do.

Aim: PaintKnot

*it is in very good condition an shoots like a champ i have had no serious problems with it.
*it is only less than 6 months old.
*it has the new 127.4 was/frenzy software and a cp direct mount on/off air bleed 2k5 and 12 in. assasins barrel other stuff is stock but it is just fine stock if u ask me not too much really that need to be upgraded!!
*it has a scratch on the front block but only on the front block wich is replaced easily and not very expensive to replace so not a problem.
*the gun shoots very nice and again i have had no problems with it and is very accurate and very light and comfortable i love it just want some change as usual.
*pics in the thread below

Any changes i need to make to my thread that i am selling it in let me know. just post or even better e-mail me to tell me how much it is worth and what kind of guns i can get on a trade. Post int this thread or like i said sending me an E-Mail is the best way. Thank You for the help i really appreciate it. Tell me if i missed anything. Thanx again!!!!!!

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