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Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Windsor, ontario
Body and Color: Red gloss 2k2
Front and back block:from a 2k4 prostock
Frame: E1
LPR: Jackhammer II
Ram (qevs if any): warped sports ram w/ Eclipse qevs
Pump arm: warped sports straight arm
Bolt and pin: Orracle and pin
Valve: stock
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Maddman
Ball Detent: stock chrome
Cocking Rod: black magic
Beavertail: N/A
Feedneck: stock (modded with set screws)
Regulator: WGP Egro
Barrel: AIM 3 peice all chrome barrel kit (rare)
Hopper: Eggy II
Air Tank: 68/3000 PE
Consistency: +/- 4
Efficiency: over 1000 for sure on my 68/3000
Amount of paint through the gun: oh wow about 20 cases +
Date Received: Built her 6 months ago as a mech
Problems?: back trigger frame mounting hole is stripped
Comments: The hottest 2k2 you'll ever see not many people have the gloss red body anymore. and i have a matching red delrin orracle bolt. She was never supposed to be and e-cocker but i couldn't resist. Pm me if u want a pic
Rockin the autococker

Ion is 99.99% plastic Autococker is 99.99% kickass

Red 2k2 vf autococker
Orracle bolt
Jackhammer II
warped sports ram
BM barrel
Eggy II
68/3000 pure energy


My feedback
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