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I'd say $250, dunno does it have eyes?

Please apraise my friends, I need to know what to put it on e-bay for.

04 Silver BKO no PDS
shocktech drop forward
Stiffi switch kit 12"
Evo 2

He wants to sell it on e-bay, what do you think he'll get for it?
Super bolt black - Slik edge3 bolt, dual Palmer's stabalizers Male/Female, Belsales ram and 3-way, ANS QEVs, AKA SCM3, Redz Camlock feedneck, stiffi Switch kit, 68/4.5k crossfire and 2x 20oz anti syphoned tanks, and Viewloader Vlocity.
Black profiler, Black 06 Redz NV Jersey,gloves and elbow padz, Black 05 JT tournament pants, and Black NXe 3+2+2 TP pack.
Backups - Green to blue fade ANS GenX-3 cocker, and Silver BKO w/ eyes.

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