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I'm sort of a paintball packrat...I always keep my stock parts as back up. I saw some scythe II's going for $100-150 on nation and I'm sure I could get at least $100 for my Redz kit, most of the used pepperstik kits I saw were going for at least that much.

I am probably not going to sell it or anything I was just curious.
2k5 Black/Blue Fade Alias Intimidator, Hybrid Ram Cap, PBK Hard blue detents, Redz Barrel Kit, VP Hose Guard, Mac Dev 100psi gauge, Orange bolt with light spring, Techna Scythe II, Advantage Virtue Board, Contract Killer grips, CCM no-pro feedneck, AKA Sidewinder Reg, VP delrin LPR piston, Shocktech mini drop & On/Off, Halo B w/ z-code & rip drive, Crossfire 68/4500 LP w/ redz cover.
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