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Body and Color:99' right feed/ black(this is my back up gun)
Front and back block:stock
Frame: red e1 w/zero b board
Ram (qevs if any): stock w/o qevs
Pump arm: stock
Bolt and pin: Orracle
Valve: stock
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: stock
Ball Detent: kapp
Cocking Rod: stock
Beavertail: none
Feedneck: stock right feed
Regulator: stock
Barrel: WGP triple threat
Hopper: Revvy
Air Tank: 4500 68 pure energy
Consistency: n/a
Amount of paint through the gun: god only knows
Date Received: September 12? 2004
Problems?: HEAVY, inconsistent, pour efficiency, inaccurate, ugly, kinda slow
Comments: Ya... it's a right feed, with an e-blade. Get some good laughs outta it
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