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rockin tha crf450r
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Body and Color: freeflow rythm ~blue/black~
Front and back block:wgp/freeflow
LPR: dart lpr ~black~
Ram (qevs if any):eclipse~blue~ eclipse qevs
Pump arm:ccm alum
Bolt and pin: freeflow
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex:N/A
Ball Detent:eclipse fangz
Cocking Rod:stock
Feedneck:twist lock
Regulator:cp shorty
Barrel: Stainless freak kit
Hopper:Empire reloader B
Air Tank:macdev legion-air 68/45
Amount of paint through the gun:38 cases
Date Received:12-25-04
Problems?:breaking in, not good
Comments: e2 is the greatest thing ever, mines faster!

gun is sadly gone.........
06 nerve ~blue~

_coming soon_
ton ton frame
predator board

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