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Originally posted by DarthAlan
IMPORTANT Update from Mac Dev's US Distributor

GCI has just recently had its lawyer contact Mac Dev in regards to the situation. GCI believes that only tanks made in May and June of 2005 were not tested and are possibly dangerous. The tanks in May and June number 258 tanks, all of which were shipped from GCI to Crossfire.

GCI is presenting this new material to the DOT in hopes of DOT changing its ruling to and narrowing it to just these aforementioned tanks. If that occurs, all of Mac Dev's GCI tanks (created in August- Dec of 2004 and Jan-Feb 2005) will be legal to fill and to use.

The Mac Dev US distributor ran out of tanks this Saturday, and will not get anymore tanks in until late September or early October. Until that time, THERE IS NO RUNNING WATING LIST, and they are not taking tanks. It is suggested that all affected customers call back towards the end of September.

So, those who have not sent their tanks in should degass the tank and wait until further notice. Do not send in your tank. It may be very soon that you can use the tank again. Or, it could be a long time becasue DOT is a governmental agency that gets paid no matter how effeciently it works.

This information was obtained by calling Gramps today at 4:05 pm.
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