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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Missouri
Body and Color: Mini-Orracle/Black
Front and back block:Stock
Frame:Stock Hinged
LPR:Tickler (stock)
Ram (qevs if any):Stock
Pump arm:Stock
Bolt and pin:Black WorrBlade (see comments)
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex:Stock
Ball Detent:Stock
Cocking Rod:Black Magic (stock)
Beavertail: None
Feedneck: Stock
Regulator: Black Magic (stock)
Barrel: Kaner 14" (stock)
Hopper: Ricochet 2k
Air Tank: 68ci/3000psi Pure Energy
Consistency: TBA
Efficiency: TBA
Amount of paint through the gun: 1000
Date Received: 24Aug05
Problems?: Small 3-way leak, but fixed with relube with Shocker Lube
Comments: I've seen pictures of the stock Orracle bolt and the one that came with mine didn't look anything like it. It looks like the bolt that comes with the WorrBlade, only black.
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