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Business Name: Wolf's Ridge Paintball

Location: Riner, Virginia

Telephone Number: (540) 529-5157


Registration Fee: $10 per person

Rental Equiptment Fee: $5 (Pumps available at no additional charge)

Fill Stations:
7 & 9 oz. $2.00
12 oz. $3.00
14 & 16 oz. $4.00
20oz. $5.00
Compressed Air $8.00 (this is a flat day rate)

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: yes

100 Rounds- $3.00
500 Rounds- $13.00 (Sale Price-$12.00)
1/2 case (1000 rounds)- $26.00 (Sale Price-$24.00)
Full case (2000 rounds)- $50.00 (Sale Price-$45.00)

(Above prices for White box field paint. Seconds are often available at discounted rates.)

Styles of Play Available: woodsball, speedball

Comments/Conculsions: This place is great. Carl, the owner/ref, is very generous and will help you out with anything you might need. The field's moto is "Play safe and stay safe." Each marker's velocity is checked before each game. And If your new to the sport and how things work, Carl is more than willing to give you some tips.
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