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Heres My Mongoose BBS:
Mongoose BBS with Eyes
Evil Timmy Bolt
J&J Ceramic 14" Barrel
Shocktech Gas Through ForeGrip
Shocktech Trigger
Check It 15* Assault Block
68\3000 crossfire
Check it Products Uni-mount
Modified Switch
Empire Tank cover w\Pod holder

Originally posted by Spyderlover120
while where posting BS, i one time, built my own gun AND IT WAS L!K3 T3H $N!pzorz GUN! AND WITH MY UBER SECKS $n!pZoRz GUN I HIT THIS GUY FROM LIKE 3,000 MILES AWAY AND HWE WAS LIKE WTF!1!!1?1!?! AND I WAS LIKE 4NIZORZ pWN3D
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