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Originally posted by Tip Man*98*
Are these settings ok? I have not gassed up my marker yet because I do not have the correct bolt but that will come.

Frenzy 116

Dwell 7.0
BIP 0.5
Bolt 15
Debounce 3
Mbounce 0

These are the settings it came with. I got it off ebay..
Raise the Dwell to 8.0 ms.

PaintBaller1818: Look at the setting Tip man posted and try those. Just make sure your raise the dwell to 8.0ms.


Board: Infamous Tadao M3
Dwell: 10ms
Debounce: 20ms
Loader Delay: 2ms
AMB: 5
Bolt Delay: 15ms
Eye Mode: Forced
Mode: NPPL Semi Unlimited
Max ROF: 15bps (for semi limited, psp ramp, and nxl full auto)

Any things I should change on that?
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