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Well, after a number of years of modifying stock Autocockers and assembling others entirely from aftermarket parts, I got a hankering for a higher performance marker. I put the purchase off, and instead put together more 'Cockers, but with electroframes - first an E1 frame, which was rapidly followed by a Raceframe, and later an E2. I then upgraded the E1 with a ZeroB board.

Finally however, I broke down, and on Saturday at the British leg of the millenium series, I bought my first Angel.....

Yep, it's a Rasta.

Fresh out of the box - so fresh in fact, that one of the WDP guys had to drive to the factory for it, as they hadn't brought any Rastas with them. OK, the tournament was in Birmingham, but that's still great customer service.

After all the time I have spent on tweaking Autocockers, I'm probably going to leave this fairly stock (makes a nice change), with either a Conquest or Inline Max-Flo air system, a Reloader B, stainless back Freak kit (I have them for my Autocockers, so I just need to buy the back) and at a later date, the full Evolve kit. In two minds about switching out the stock reg for a CP reg adapter and a CP or MacDev regulator, but I'll probably give the stock reg a chance first.
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