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Join Date: Apr 2004
Body and Color: Black STO body
Front and back block: stock front, delrin 3A back
Frame: e1 with a zeroB version 1.1 and samurai trigger
LPR:WGP tickler
Ram (qevs if any): belsales evolution with black PE QEV's
Pump arm: stock
Bolt and pin: DART
Valve: supercharger
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: planet eclipse rex kit
Ball Detent: kapp delrin
Cocking Rod: kapp twisted
Beavertail: stock
Feedneck: check it products adjustable
Regulator: CP grip
Barrel: 16" ultralight
Hopper: eggll with z board
Air Tank: 68/3000 fiber wrap centerflag hyperflow
Consistency: +/- 7
Efficiency: 1200 shots per fill
Amount of paint through the gun: 5+ cases
Date Received: November 03
Problems?: high profile
Comments: I love my gun as a whole but the STO body i could do without. trying to get an orracle body, the STO is heavy and out of date.
02 Blk STO cocker
Crm E-blade w/ Zero bounce board
Blk eclipse samurai trigger
Blk Dye Ultralight
Blk CP reg
Blk WGP Tickler lrp
Crm CP ASA on/off and mini rail
Blk Nexus kit
Crm Belsales Evo ram
Blk derlin back block
Egg 2 w/ Z board
3K/68ci Centerflag Hyperflow HPA

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