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This is for my New Rhythm Nexused E-Cocker

Body and Color: FreeFlow Rhythm, Red to Black Fade Gloss
Front and back block:Front Block=Red FreeFlow, Back=Black P-Block
Frame: Red Eclipse E-2 V1.2 and Delrin FBM Scythe Trigger
LPR: Black Planet Eclipse D.A.R.T
Ram (qevs if any): Black Planet Eclipse Nexus Ram w/ 2 PE qevs
Pump arm: Chrome FreeFlow
Bolt and pin: FreeFlow Delrin w/ FreeFlow Delrin Pin
Valve: mQ valve!
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: mQ valve!
Ball Detent: Eclipse Fangz
Cocking Rod: Red Kapp Twisted
Beavertail: None
Feedneck: Red FreeFlow Grip
Regulator: Red and Black Custom Products Shorty
Barrel: Black New Style WGP Kaner Kit
Hopper: Red Halo B w/ Rip and Victory Board
Air Tank: 45/4500 MacDev LegionAire, 68/3000 PE Carbon
Consistency: N/A
Efficiency: N/A
Amount of paint through the gun: Nada
Date Received: ive been receiving parts since August!
Problems?: No cuzz I ain't shot it Yet
Comments: I'm gunna get a Black CCM Aluminum Pump Arm, Kila Products Ball Detent, and Possibly a different drop/on/off

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