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Both want to, only one will be effective at it. THAT is the difference between a 'sniper' and a noob with a long barrel etc.

Also take into account a great many of us would like to score eliminations without being pin-pointed but don't consider it a nessecity. Speedball, or more open wooded areas place importance on remaining undetected, but it is not imperative to do so. In some ways having you position known can be MORE effective than having it not known. If you are holding a key bunker and want to flank the enemy on the other side of the field don't you want them concentrating on this key bunker? If you hit the snake in the arena don't you want the other team knowing you are there so as to take some heat off of your other front men? Granted the second example provides ample oppurtunity for utilizing surprise even AFTER the opposition knows you are present, but both are good examples of tactics and situations where being undetected is not only unnessecary but IMHO unwanted.
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