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I find that there are a couple key things that you need to do in woods ball. The first is have patience. Go up as far as you feel you can and still be undetected, find a nice spot, and wait for a couple minutes. I'm not talking setting up barricades and waiting out the entire game, just a nice spot to get your bearings for a second and see where the opponents are going. You don't always have to shoot them either. Too many times I've seen teammates run off after passing opponents, because they either think theyve been seen or theyre just too eager to attack. I admit that agressiveness is sometimes the way to go, and lying in wait may seem cowardly, but seriously, wait until they see you, believe me, you'll know when they do. If you start moving before you have a clear shot theyll usually see you anyway. You want them as close as possible before shooting (unless of course your shot is completely clear). With the people I play with, its usually accompanied by a loud "$#@*"!! At that point let loose some shots and start moving. try flanking him or just generally getting closer. If youre lucky they wont see you until you have a clear shot, at which point, you should take it. Patience in just the right amounts is a great assett. Another key aspect is coordination. Try and let your team know where youre going beforehand. Joint attacks, surprise attacks, and ambushes all work excellently when planned according to the terrain. Taking the silent approach and just running off as soon as the whistle blows can lead to confusion and oftentimes friendly fire. After contact, have teammates lay down cover fire while you move up. Usually, as soon as players hear that "tap tap" sound of a marker firing, they get behind cover. Move fast, move short, and always keep something in between you and him. NEVER, NEVER run across open terrain with an opponent able to shoot at you. It's a good way to get shot. This, of course, needs to be taken only on occasions when its a loooong run between cover with nothing in between. If you have to give them an opportunity to shoot at you, make it as short and hard to take as possible. Paintballs travel fast, but they do take miniscule amount of time to actually get there. Short distances makes sure that the opponent doesnt have time to start leading (unless of course he's experienced and starts leading right away). I guess that covers a few things that I like to do when playing woods ball, and dependent on your style, you may or may not want to use my advice. All i can say it, hey, it works for me.
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