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Body and Color: Unknown custom VF with windows, black
Front and back block: unknown make, black
Frame: ANS hinge
Ram (qevs if any): STO
Pump arm: CCM
Bolt and pin: ANS phase II
Valve: Orracle
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Orracle springs, chrome IVG
Ball Detent: 03 WGP
Cocking Rod: Kapp patriot
Feedneck: CCM no rise
Regulator: BL Torpedo
Barrel:CP 1 piece classic
Hopper: HaloB
Air Tank: Crossfire 68/45 HP
Consistency: Haven't tested with new reg
Efficiency: 1.2k per fill
Amount of paint through the gun: Lots
Date Received: Summer 04
Problems?: Stripped feedneck threads
Comments: Love the frame and the new body
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