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So I called my local pro-shop 5 minutes before close and asked if he could stay open a little bit for me (I live 3 minutes away). Every time I go in to buy paint or refill my tank, I always talk with the guy that works there (Frank). So I went in and spent $690.

A guy came in to buy an Ion for his wife and he wanted the pink body kit. The guy said he needed to get cash and he would be back. He never came back. Frank never took the body off. I wasn’t a big fan when I first saw it but then it grew on me. Part of me bought it to be made fun of. Most of the people I play with don’t know too much about different guns. A few of them bought a Spyder Imagine just because it was electric to use full auto and didn’t get a good hopper or HPA. Anyway, when most of them see a pink gun they will laugh. But we all know who will have the last laugh. A couple of my friends I play with know what an Ion is, I just don’t thank they will know what it looks like.

I bought the Ion with pink body, Evlution II with y-board, 68/4500 CF tank, shocker grease, and a squeegee.

Now I have to set the board to ramping mode with eyes on. Wish me luck.

How do you guys make the stands for the gun? Don't you have to take the tank off after you are done for the day?

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