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I had the same problem with me Rebel X, what I did is to screw the rear velocity adjuster all the way in, push it in, and then the screw came a little less tight and push it all the way out and *puff* all the internals all over the place you can put some oil too in the screw too, it will help. I had to use my dremel to sand a little the little inner curve that the plug has, now I have no prob. dissambling it. Don't worry I went to the same thing having no idea how to take it appart. It's incredible that I had more troubles learning to dissamble my rebel than I did with my timmy thankx to twich for the guide.

That's a picture of the spare kit at You can download the manual *.pdf manual at Try changing the o-rings of the valve. I think the PT X doesn't have a "cupseal" but a washer instead, sorry for that.
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