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Originally Posted by Tabris17
I called Crossfire to ask about the tank recall and got some stuff cleared. But I want to check with everybody first just to double check what they told me on something.
Is it normal for the bottom of the tanks to discolor to like a yellow and some of the air bubbles on the outer shell to grow larger around that area?
They told me it is normal and the bubbles are part of hte process but I just wanted to double check with everybody to see if that's normal for everybody as well.

huh that doesn't sound normal to me at all. turning yellow is one thing but the bubbles thing just freak me out. if i were you i wouldn't use that tank yet. i would give it to a professional to look at stuff like that, you might call me paranoid but you just talked to crossfire over the phone, that isn't convincing enough i know lots of people who make up stuff to make their jobs easier (one of them is me lol) i'm not stating that the guy u talked to is one of them but if it's something like that i would double cechk. bring it in to a scuba place and have them take a look at it or where ever you have your tank rehydroed they should know about stuff like that
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