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Okay guys. I'm back. It was a great time at the tech class Ken Crane did. Lots of laughs, and a few jokes back and forth between Ken and I about some certain product companies, and how come some monkeys from each camp like to fling poo at each other.

Anyway, here are my notes from the class.


Ken reccomends putting oil in the flashtank above the mini reg, instead of running it through the ASA. Instead of running oil through the mini reg, take it out and grease it.

If your LPR is still too high, after you took out all the shims, just replace the LPR. It's not worth trying to rebuild it when it's a 30 dollar part.

Angel hammers are designed to be between 49-19 grams in weight, depending on the generation. Don't bother with anything above or below.

"bang valve" = exhaust valve in brit speak

Snap ring on older Angels "grab" the ram shaft and hold it tight, to allow it to pressurize fully, otherwise you get huge drop off at high velocity. With the new rams, the o-ring is on the back of the hammer, and does the same thing.

Special note, with the newer LP angels, you need to have the gun gassed up to properly set the breech. Otherwise you won't get the true setting, because the o-ring on the back of the hammer keeps the hammer from fully retracting when degassed.

Ken has set his watch and warrant on WDP's new release schedule. "From now till forever" WDP will release a gun every six months. Get over it. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, like the computer industry years ago, when they went from huge *** towers overnight, to super small and light laptops, and Intel's rapid release of new chipsets, along with Nvidia.

Ok, about the Angel eyes.

Here is the breakdown of what happens in the programming.

The eyes wait for a ball to drop, As the gun is firing the eyes are monitoring the bolt movement, and calculating the "window of oppurtunity", basically crunching numbers in order to maximize how fast the gun can shoot without chopping paint. Pretty neat.

Oh, and that funny sound you might hear when you gas up a LP Angel? It might sound like the gun actually shoots. It's not, it's just the o-ring behind the hammer seating into the ram housing.

Brass rams were the best thing for the Angel. If the ram was not adjusted right, the brass would dent, instead of cracking the bolt pin. That's why people would see brass shavings in their lower tube. They didn't have the ram set far in enough, so the hammer would start moving forward, slam into the bolt pin, then start carrying it towards the valve. Today, with the SS hammers (which WDP gave up on trying to tell people different and just put them in) WDP has found that now valve bodies will get mashed to bits along with bolt pins.

THAT IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO SET YOUR BREECH UP TO CLICK!!!!! Make sure that you adjust it by having the gun gassed up, and continue turning the ram inwards, until the bolt pin is clicking AGAINST THE FAR WALL OF THE HAMMER! NOT THE FRONT WALL! You'll end up F'ing the gun up.

Here's what I was trying to get across if you didn't understand.

note where the bolt pin is touching, and which one is right and which is wrong.

The small love juice tubes that are in the package, "should last almost two years"

Also, as of last month, WDP is not making anymore G7's. All production is set on G7 Flys. Which by the way, have the sweetest trigger to date. It's a "breakaway" system. there's a magnet that holds the trigger forward, and as you pull the trigger it "breaks away" from the magnet, making a super snappy feel, and a crisp return. No more "rubbery" feel where the trigger bounces between two magnetic fields.

About the new Angel barrel threading

WDP HAD to change barrel threads. The G7 FLY is just the beginning of what is coming down the road from WDP. They're got big plans, and they realize that they can't keep going on the older, coarse threads. Ken said something to the effect of this.

"It's not about what is going out now (G7 FLY), it's what's down the road. They had to change the threading. No, we will never use cocker threads, no, we will never use shocker threads, and oh by the way, cocker threads would never have worked with what we're planning on doing anyway."
It was a nice day...........................AND THEN EVIL CAME!
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