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Here's a very easy, inexpensive, harmless, non-warranty-voiding, fully adjustable trigger mod that is very effective and simple. I use it for my eforce gti, and i am 99% sure it would work on a mech frame too.

1. Narrow-ish electrical tape
2. Silicon fuel tubing for RC applications ($1 a foot at
3. Scissors


1. Get everything in a place where you can quickly grab and use it.
2. Cut off about 1cm of the fuel tubing.
3. Cut off about 8cm of electrical tape.
4. Turn on the eforce frame.
5. Slowly pull back the trigger, and immediately stop and hold it in place once you hear the click of the sear. Make sure that you don't move it.
6. Place the cut off section of fuel tubing on the bottom of the trigger guard right behind the actual trigger as you hold it just after the sear engages.
7. Adjust the tubing's position until it barely touches the back of the trigger.
8. Tape the tubing in place with the 8cm of electrical tape, going around the BOTTOM of the trigger guard.
9. Test to make sure you taped the tubing in the right position.

Note: You will find that not only does the trigger stop after the marker fires, but it will bounce forward after doing so, allowing for higer firing rates.

1. Get materials where you can quickly reach them.
2. Cut off about 1cm of fuel tubing.
3. Cut off about 8cm of electrical tape.
4. Slowly pull back on the trigger until you hear the sear click (marker goes off)
5. Let the trigger slide a tiny bit forward so it is in the position right before the sear clicks.
6. Place the cut off section of fuel tubing against the trigger and hold it in place. It does not matter which way the fuel tubing faces as long as it holds the trigger in place.
7. Wrap the electrical tape around the fuel tubing. The wrap should be snug but not squeezing the life out of the tubing.
8. Test to make sure the tubing is in the right position. If there is too much pre-travel for you, slide the tubing a little closer to the trigger. If there is too little pre-travel or the trigger doesn't come far enough forward to trip the sear, then slide the tubing a little farther from the trigger.


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