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It will absolutely work. The flush cocking and EVO bolts are the exact same, minus the 2nd detent groove. Having it there without the detent will permit a TINY amount of air to get behind the bolt orings....This will have not notable effect on performance or efficiency. I highly recomend it...I wish I had gotten it instead of just the flush..Oh well....nothing a Dremel can't fix

Oh and eforcegtid00d...should be ashamed of your sig...jerking off to an 06 should know better.......It should be a G7
My setup:
Piranha E-forceG3 BLwith Boss blade trigger,
Boss bolt, Detonator regulator, Boss flush cocking system, Dye Sticky 3 grips, Macro line setup, High flow valve and pin, Empire barrel kit, AGD Warp Feed. t-board w/eyes (WOW!!!) Intimidator eye covers

Fear the Fish Spyder=Piranha clone

Originally posted by Shinnanagans:
You can have a $1,000 gun but you'll still have a $1 game.

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