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Now for a question that is asked far too frequently, almost always as a joke:

Should I get a Talon or a Phantom? There are many variations of this question, none of which should grace this board since they are a waste of space.

For those truly interested, the Talon is one of the least expensive guns available, second perhaps to the Vulcan. It is not particularly durable or accurate, it is a pain to take apart, it's tough to clean the barrel, and it is very difficult at best to adjust velocity. Before shelling out money on a Talon, seriously consider a used Tracer, Maverick, or Diablo (EPG) pump. If you are determined to own a plastic gun, try to pick up a Splatmaster for $20-$30. If you can only get $20 together to buy a gun, go ahead and pick up a Talon. However, if you can hold off to buy a cheap used Tracer, etc, it will be worth your while. This is certainly a matter of opinion, but I think people would find it hard to refute what I have said. Anyone with strong dissension and a decent argument, feel free to PM me and I'll delete or edit my post if you have a valid point.
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