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Location: Napa Ca.
Body and Color:2k4 black
Front and back block: Stock front, 3d's derlin back
Ram (qevs if any):nexus ram w eclipse qev's
Pump arm:kapp
Bolt and pin: dart bolt, spyder pin,
Valve: supercharger
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: rex
Ball Detent:stock
Cocking Rod:kapp
Feedneck:the grip
Regulator:cp long
Barrel:ultralite or empire kit
Hopper: evo 2 with z board
Air Tank:71\45k dye
Consistency:+- 10
Efficiency: around 1200
Amount of paint through the gun: 20,000
Date Received: nov 04
Problems?: needs better consistency
Comments: will replace lpr with a nexus reg, and zero b board. gun pukes up cheap paint
04 vf black body, Eclipse Eblade+ zero b, samurai trigger, 3Ds delrin Backblock , CCM Pump Rod, Delrin Pull Pin, Dart Bolt, Nexus Kit, Nexxus lpr, , CP Inline Reg, , Eclipse QeVs, 16" Dye Ultra Lite, Pepper Stix, CCM neck,Dye 71/45k bottle, halo B\pulse
Stage5 ion, S4 board, Cp reg, Cp on\off, rpm trigger, clippard qev, 16" ultralite, ccm neck, halo b\pulse, PE 45\45
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