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**Electronic Markers - All Traders Please Read**

Originally Posted by Silent Knight

The selling and/or trading of individual parts must be put in the "misc" trading forum. This forum is reserved for the sale of electronic markers and/or electronic marker packages sold AS a package

*All posts in this forum containing the sale or trading of individual misc parts will be moved, closed, or deleted without notice!

PLEASE READ THE TRADING FORUM RULES! I have been seeing people selling their products in another user's thread. start you own! Please respect other users of this forum. If you do not agree with the sale price of an item... don't complain... it's not your place to complain and it's not your right to complain. If you want a charity go check out Ebay. Please don't disrespect any one, and their prices. If you don't like it... don't post, simple as that. If you are find that you are a being harrassed by a member in the trading forums, then please feel free to report it to us, and we'll do our best to resolve the issue.

if you are unfamiliar with trading forums here some of the abbreviations used here this should help you out.

WTB: Wanted To Buy
WTT: Wanted To Trade
FS: For Sale
FT: For Trade
LMK: Let Me Know
OBO: Or Best Offer

*I would also like to encourage you to use private messeging and/or AOL Instant Messenger / MSN Messenger, etc.

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