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Body and Color: '02 STO Dark Purple
Front and back block: CCM Front, Jackal Back
Frame: Eclipse E2
LPR: Palmer Micro Rock
Ram (qevs if any): Kapp Phat Ram
Pump arm: CCM Aluminum
Bolt and pin: SLIK V3 Nylatron Edge bolt (15.7 grams), Mac Dev pin
Valve: Mac Dev Red valve
Hammer/Springs/IVG or Rex: Jackal Hammer, Mad Man Springs, Kapp SS IVG
Ball Detent: Kapp Delrin detent
Cocking Rod: Kapp "twisted" rod
Beavertail: Dye
Feedneck: Worr "the grip"
Regulator: Mac Dev Gladiator
Barrel: Powerlyte Scepter "12
Hopper: Halo b
Air Tank: 3A Paintball 71 ci/4500 psi
Consistency: n/a
Efficiency: n/a
Amount of paint through the gun: n/a
Date Received: 02/04
Problems?: a couple hic-ups, no more though
Comments: Now I just need to get to that level
2002 STO Cocker : BLACK E2!!! ~ PP Micro Rock LPR ~ Mac Dev Gladiator Reg ~ MadMan Spring Kit ~ Powerlyte Sceper Barrel "12
~ KAPP FAT Ram ~ Jackal Back Block ~ WGP Clamping Feed Tube ~ Slik Edge Delrin Bolt ~ CCM Front Block ~ Halo B hopper ~ Pure Energy tank 68ci 4.5k 800psi ~ Mac Dev RED Valve

Cocker Parts for Sale/Trade!!
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"1. I understand that I may be injured or die while playing paintball."

Originally posted by Zujin
yes, some ppl are just simply ignorant. That's why we need to remove ALL warning labels and let all the stupid ppl kill themselves. Just let the problem sovle itself.
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