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280 fps > The Human Eye: Safety Thread

Warning: Possible graphic pictures. If you can't stand the sight of blood, do not read on.

Ok, I had a really stupid accident yesterday, and I decided to humiliate myself to hopefully save others. It's really easy to get used to a paintball gun where maintenance becomes routine, and you no longer verify each step as you're working on it. Well, here's the story:

I was tweaking my gun, getting it ready for saturday. I decided to put this laser sight I had on it. Mainly for fun, but I was also curious about how accurate it was (considering my shot groupings were pretty much within 4" at 50-60 feet). Well, I turned the frame on, fired a couple shots at target to determine consistency without the point. I then proceeded to turn the point on, but it didn't work (even though it had worked 5 minutes prior). When it failed to function, I turned the frame off (so I thought; it apparently wasn't off), and turned the marker around to examine the laser (it was attached to the LPC, mounted below). That's when it all went wrong.

I somehow discharged my marker, and it immediately sent me to the ground. I called a couple friends over (who were messing with their markers at the time), and had them look at it. It was instantly decided I needed to get to the hospital, so one of them gave me a ride.

I am happy to say that things could have turned out worse, but still things could be better. As of now, I have probably lost about 95% of my useful vision in my right eye. I can see light, some color, and outline/shadows, but that's about it. I can't make out pictures, or words.

The Opthalmologist can't make any predictions about future use of that eye until the blood inside (yes, it's inside the eyeball) clears up. And that may take up to 3-4 weeks.

Here are some pictures of my injury after the hospital visit (scrolled down to reduce immediate visibility):

Night of:

Morning After:


My purpose to writing this is I know many people don't take the proper precautions when just tuning their markers. We were not actually playing, but this still happened. I will now ALWAYS wear my mask and use a barrel cover, even when not involved in a game. I hope my stupid mistake can help keep others from making the same one.

EDIT!!! (03/03/07)

This is great. My wife came across this picture of me when I was 6. The shirt and patch say it all...

Call me "Mig," it's easier.

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