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Originally Posted by Canderous
dam dude that sucks!!! i have a friend who looks down the barrel of his marker all the time...i hope this will conivnce him to do otherwise
yeah, that was my purpose in making this thread.

I myself never really saw the danger in doing anything like that if I "thought" I took the proper precautions. This has caused me to rethink my steps and make sure ALL safety precautions are taken. The danger of injury is real, and if the shot was less than 1/2" lower, I would have no eye right now. 280 fps at point blank range. The paintball was still in the barrel afterwards, with most of its shell in tact (since it had no room to explode still isnide the barrel). No paint shot out the back or sides, so the entire force was directed at my eye.

It's really easy to work on your marker without thinking things through because you get so used to doing things on it.
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