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Originally Posted by Jeezer
Your a pretty good looking man.
Haha, thanks. I bet this injury makes me a "shoe-in" for 'sexiest newcomer for 2005'.

Genova: well, with what I was testing I was trying to shoot multiple shots while holding the gun solid, so hand loading shot would've kinda thrown things off a little...

Samrog: Yeah, I've seen that happen before where someone thought it was empty, so they pulled the trigger and shot air... luckily the hoppers were always empty or off when that has happened.

Tipp: yeah, I'm probably gonna be paranoid about wearing a mask now. I'll probably atleast wear safety goggles even when I'm off the playing field.

Sheps: yeah, it kinda sucks. But worse things can happen in life . Of course, it'd be better if this never happened...
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